Island Paradise

For those with a young, curious, and energetic taste, this one is for you. Inspired by the blue beaches of the tropical paradise, and the unforgettable feeling of wind blowing through your hair, our Island Paradise is an emotional experience born with each spray.

It’s uplifting, exciting, and refreshing, containing hints of African orange flower, iris, and rose, combining a delicate scent with an incredibly awakening one, and taking you back to the sandy beaches of your favourite holiday.

It then settles into a more soothing aura, bringing musk and benzoin into the frame. This duo allows you to relax, be mindful, and create memorable experiences, delivering an unmatched sense of presence that’s truly exquisite.

Exquisite Rose

Explore the beauty of nature in all its forms with this sensual, intimate scent. With its first spritz, you’ll be engulfed by a beautifully blended collection of rose, geranium, and Jasmine.

Taking its strength from its gentleness, this complex and compelling fragrance is blended with rich, eastern essences that introduce a base of musk, white honey, and Virginia cedar, acting as the glossy finish on a sophisticated oil portrait.

At its heart, Exquisite Rose is a refreshing essence that bottles the love story that starts with picking a rose out of a garden and presents you with seductive, intimate notes that celebrate a timeless elegance.

First Class

Bold, daring, and delicate: that’s the best way to describe First Class. It takes inspiration from the delicacies in life. The plush seats of an airplane, the sweet sparkle of champagne, and the popping sound of We strive to capture the same satisfaction inside a bottle of fragrance.

Your First Class journey begins with hints of pink pepper and bergamot, a duo so powerful and uplifting that primes you for what comes next. Then, slowly but surely, you start to be encapsulated by the luxury of a hand-picked flower bouquet, including patchouli, rose, and an unforgettable charm that lasts.

Amore Estivo

The butterflies of the beginning of a love story, and the rush of adrenaline that comes with the most intimate stages of romance, are bottled in an aromatic, extravagant collection of scents to perfectly tell your view on love.

It begins with a passionate rush of musk, vanilla, and blackberry to evoke your spirit, and then matures into a more sophisticated scent. You’ll be embellished with jasmine, tuberose, freesia, rose, and violet, a delicate bouquet that surrounds you with intimacy.

Each stage encompasses the outstanding dance between love and lust, and allows you to indulge in a warm, refreshing, and unique scent, only for those who know how to fall in love.