Derived from the heart of the Italian masterpiece, and designed with the passion of Italian craftsmen, this charming fragrance is a true occasion worthy of celebration. With every spritz, you’ll witness the forthcoming of a full-body experience forming before your very eyes, creating an inviting and vibrant atmosphere surrounding those who wear it.

You’ll be awakened and forced to pay attention to the notes of raspberry and black currant, accompanied by the rich sweetness of pear. As it develops and matures, you’ll start to see hints of peony and rose emerge through the atmosphere, simulating the beauty of a flower in the midst of an orchard.


Embellishing with rich spices and inspired by the deep, floral scent of bergamot, this alluring fragrance has a long-lasting, captivating charm. Combining oriental and floral Turkish essences, you’ll find the luxury of Dubai’s skyscrapers as well as the timeless beauty of the Turkish Souks.

It’s stunning at first sight, but as it develops, the fragrance matures and the subtle notes of smoky incense and velvety oud accord become more confident, transporting you to a more sophisticated and luxurious realm.

This harmony of scents and floral notes is topped with the base notes of earthy patchouli, woody papyrus, and sweet, giving it a long-lasting aroma and a deep, warm, shimmering finish.


An homage to the city of luxury, our Monaco fragrance boasts of sophistication, romance, and intimacy. This bundle of sensation and exquisite experience, suitable for those with an extravagant taste, and the enjoyers of a lavish lifestyle.

At first sight, you’ll be met with hints of iris and Bulgarian rose, creating a defined and strong aura that no one can go by without questioning. Followed up with a masterpiece and a harmony of musk, tuberose, and orange blossom, this fragrance combines Western and Eastern notes to create a unison of passion.

It’s simple, yet intricate, giving you so many layers that encapsulate your own character, and indulge you in a cocoon of luxury and glamor that can be taken everywhere you go, regardless of the occasion.


A love letter to one of the most iconic cities in the world, and a sprite of refreshing scents that will awaken all your senses, welcome to the most extravagant fragrance to your collection.

Enriched with soft, delicate, and energising scents, this fragrance boasts a graceful collection of bergamot, tangerine, nectarine, and black currant, creating an uplifting aura that's complemented by rich, musky notes.

It travels from the lighter, colder scents to a more sophisticated world, lined with sandalwood, vanilla, patchouli, and musk. This enlightening combination lends a smoky touch to the sweetness of summer.